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Engine Decontamination Treatment

Premier Car Care now have a revolutionary new machine that removes the built up residue that is left in the engine after standard servicing, giving you improved MPG, lower emissions and a smoother quieter drive.

Click here to check out the video on our You Tube page.

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Below are just some of the comments from our customers who have had this service carried out on their vehicles.

How it works

The EDT system heats and pulses a soya based oil in and around the engines oil ways, breaking down and removing up to half a litre of harmful residue that is normally left in your engine after a conventional oil change.

Once broken down, our system then vacuums the deposits out of your engine through a 5 micron filtration system.

It’s worth checking out our video on our You Tube page to this for yourself.

Restore performance, save fuel and reduce your car’s CO emissions.

Benefits Include